Oxford, we are coming!

31st July 2005
The free day disappeared!
Today was Sunday. We spent 40 going to Oxford, which was famous for its university. We took two and a half hours to reach there which made us totally tired. But after getting off, I thought it was worth coming.
  Oxford was an old city. The buildings in the city showed that Oxford was prosperous in ancient time. They were standing there for over 200 years.
  We visited Magdalene College, one of the 39 colleges in this university. It had seven noble-price winners. That made me astonished. None of Chinese university could foster so many winners. Even in Tsinghua University and Peking University, we also didn’t have so many people like this. And this college was only one of the 39 colleges in Oxford.
  After visit the university, I began to know why this university could create such record. The atmosphere of this school was very nice. It was quiet and peaceful in everywhere in the city. The tourists who traveled here seemed to keep their voices down. None of the buses or cars used the trumpet though it was not banned.
  I had visited one of the most famous universities today. What’s the next? I was wondering about this.